Had enough treading the hamster wheel and not being able to free yourself from the same old recycling experiences? Time to escape the programming… Freedom from self sabotage coaching packages available by visiting my website (currently on hold) check the contact page for direct booking or go to my coaching page here

Akashic Readings

The akasha is a place of oracle wisdom, a fine frequency vibration like a delicate net of information that had been imprinted into it with every action, thought, word and emotion ever experienced in this universe. With focused intent and humility, we can access these imprints to help us on our path in life when we need clarity. Clarity is an important aspect of life required to make steps with confidence and feeling reassured about who we are and what we are here to do. To connect with me for a reading you can visit or, or check the contact page for booking.

Spiritual Mediumship

Connecting with our loved ones in spirit can bring us a sense of peace and contentment about their well being, it may help us resolve something for ourselves or it may help us feel reconnected. Spirit may have some messages for you about your current life or a past issue you had been dealing with. I will gently guide you into the connection and confirm with you the identity of the spirit persons present through the description of appearances, behaviors, characters or cause of passing. Once you know who is present, I will ask them for any messages for you. If you have lost someone fairly recently, I recommend to wait about a year or two before attempting a reading. Visit to book your reading with me.


Reiki is a newer Japanese term for healing with hands or light healing or energy healing. It is a gentle hands on healing technique that transmits the flow of universal life force energy to help assist the clients healing. This technique is ancient, people from all cultures have used it and inherently, we all have the capability to use it. I see Reiki as an awakening tool that allows us to evolve our spirit. You can contact me for a distant energy healing or an in person reiki healing through my website Be aware that I do not facilitate in person Reiki for men at this time.

Website and Blog Creations

Are you trying to create your website or blog but find it’s time consuming or that you lack the technical know how? Professional website creators charge thousands of dollars for your website. I have worked with Weebly, Kajabi, Wix and WordPress and love to create beautiful and simple designs that work. E-mail me for more info here. Next to helping you create your site, I also coach clients who have a passion and want to create a business out of it. I love guiding you into self realization and self actualization, helping you remember who you are.

Books & Treasures imbued with Soul

Visit my Etsy shop for my books, e-mail readings, personal care products for empaths, room clearing spray, sacred space salt scrubs, energy clearing bath salts, personal essences, sacred space decoration, Himalayan salt lamps, crystals, fossils and other items I personally picked out for you. Visit

Essential Oil Life Style

Essential oils are a part of a life style change that benefits especially empaths, sensitives and trauma survivors. Toxins in our environment, our foods and pharmaceuticals can have an undesirable impact on our mental health and physical wellbeing. Aromatic compounds of the chemical constituents within essential oils are able to permeate our skin and enter our olfactory system to bypass the blood brain barrier, affecting our nervous system in positive ways. But there is more to it then just the oils themselves, you can contact me for more info by booking a FREE orientation session with me by visiting my booking link at


“Sabrina is kind, compassionate and wise. You will learn more about  yourself and your environment from a place of love. Tuning into this information gives us a better understanding of our path.”

Ceci G.

“Sabrina is gifted. A beautiful soul with the gift of sight into the soul of all things. She always answers your questions and puts her whole life into her work, thank you dear friend”

Robin A.

“An extraordinary author published in our new book – ‘Moving the World’. I was honored to include Sabrina in this inspired work. I love the depth of her reflections. She is a special gift in this world.”

Gerry V.

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