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  • Childhood Sexual Abuse – How not to add insult to injury – an awakening process of remembering who we are
    Advertisements Our words are very powerful. They can empower or disempower, they can soothe and they can create worry. As a survivor of childhood trauma, I’ve heard a lot of […]
  • How to receive answers from your subconscious mind
    Advertisements Summary We sometimes forget that we can communicate with our subconscious mind to receive all the answers to our questions in life. Especially when we have been distracted for […]
  • Stop fighting the present moment
    Advertisements I often see people trying to run away from their reality; a trauma that causes them to seek distractions through outside pleasures, running away from what’s available now in […]
  • Self Talk for Success
    Advertisements Summary How many times have we been told that talking to ourselves is crazy? And who would want us to believe that? Right, people who don’t want you to […]
  • Recognize your Gifts
    Advertisements We don’t always recognize the gifts we have received, or we reject the gifts because they don’t quite measure up to our expectations. This can leave us feeling less […]
  • How do we know its self sabotage?
    Advertisements Summary It can be difficult to know if we are self-sabotaging or just considering our options, if you are struggling with moving forward, this is for you… Visit […]
  • World Oracle Tune In 2022
    Advertisements New Year Oracle Reading 2022, messages from angelic beings, energy tune in, visions of the future, how I receive messages, how to interpret messages, insights from the past that […]
  • The Truth Is Always Present
    Advertisements I walked to and from school every day, always having lunch at home. There was a fast path we used to take that meant crossing a farmer’s field. The […]
  • Why Hoping For Success Speaks Of Failure
    Advertisements “If we just wait for luck to fall into our laps and don’t address our subconscious beliefs and behaviors, hope is truly lost…” Read my latest blog…
  • The Remembrance Of Who We Really Are
    Advertisements “What if I lose myself?” my little scared voice asked me, “You will lose everything you once thought was true, that which had kept you in a reality that […]

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