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Sabrina is a writer, blogger and spirit communicator who found herself on an awakening journey after a life change. She loves to share her inspirations and insights about the world, human behavior and spirituality.

Originally from Switzerland, Sabrina moved to Canada in 2001 and lives in a house full of angels. Her children Sam and Luke are the loves of her life and she enjoys just spending time with them.

Her background is in medical sciences but she had been called to write about her experiences since her childhood. Sabrina has communicated avidly with angels during her traumatic childhood and loves sharing some of the stories and conversations with angels.

Sabrina has been published in multiple book collaborations, she writes for the elephant journal and other publications, but she enjoys mostly to write on her own blogs or working on her own books, next to helping her clients move forward in life by sharing deeply spiritual insights with them.

She feels committed to help human consciousness evolve and lead others to embrace personal freedom.

Sabrina S Keck Goeldlin
Coach / Healer / Medium / Author
I exist to inspire greater understanding and to help others see the miracle of their true self

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