Recognize your Gifts


We don’t always recognize the gifts we have received, or we reject the gifts because they don’t quite measure up to our expectations. This can leave us feeling less abundant and less worthy of love.

I want to remind ourselves today to remember all the gifts, all the unexpected surprises, all the love and consideration we have received in the past and still are receiving today.

Gifts that keep on giving, like a course we took that changed our lives or a person that changed our perspective on who we are.

We are loved, and more so when we love on ourselves, when we open up to the gifts coming to us, when we allow ourselves to receive it open heartedly.

Love comes from many places and in many shapes and forms. Be open to recognize the diffrent types of love you are receiving; a heart to heart conversation, a bright sunny morning that lifts your mood, hearing your children argue over a game (you actually have kids with you that love you), having the time to meditate in the morning, being able to wake up with less pain then the other day, being included in a gathering with friends, being invited to participate in a sacred container, being gifted a service, having the opportunity to resolve an issue, having a few minutes a day to write on your book, having a job that supports you, being able to gift others with the gifts you have to share… what gifts are you giving or receiving? This exchange creates magic and a blissful feeling that helps the world go round.

Enjoy your day with an open heart and awake eyes to recognize your gifts…

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